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Best Mobility Movements with Coach Pat!

Sitting at your desk all day, typing away, checking emails, and making calls isn’t the best for your body. I’ve mentioned this in prior post. But what I didn’t mention enough were the best mobility movements to do after the work day. Movements to help circulate the blood flow and revive your body that wasn’t being used.

I met up with a life-long friend, former kickboxing trainer and veteran yoga instructor, Coach Pat. And we came up with 3 mobility movements that anyone can do anywhere.

First up, is a deep lunge with a twist!

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For this, getting your elbow down to align your forearm with your shin is ideal to get a good range of flexion and extension throughout the hips.

Keep your shoulders and arms in sync with each other when doing the movement. Bring your raised hand back down to the floor and repeat it to the raised position. Then switch sides.

The deep lunge helps with hip mobility and stretching of the legs. The twist aids in the open of the chest and abdominal area of the body. Your arms and shoulders are also engaged, giving a full body focus.

Second, The Tabletop Bridge

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The tabletop bridge is perfect for strengthen the shoulders as well as the glutes and mid to lower back. Start in a seated position and lift your body of the ground using your hands and feet as a base of support.

Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders and place knees parallel above your feet. Keep your feet and knees shoulder width apart from one another. And lift. Once lifted, maintain a flat line from head to knee, making yourself a literal table. Go back to seated position and repeat the cycle.

Your shoulders, glutes, back and abs are being used in this mobility movement, and doesn’t require much balance or strength to complete. Perfect for starting off with.

Thirdly, is the Cobra Stretch 

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Lie down flat on the floor head forward, and place your chin above the ground. Straighten your legs and press your palms firmly against the floor. Inhale and elongate your arms and lift your chest following your upper back. Keeping your hips steady and staying in this position for 20 to 30 seconds. Then lower back down.

The cobra stretch utilizes stretches the lower and mid areas of the back, while also stretching your abs. It also helps to strengthen the shoulders and triceps as a result of the lift.

This beneficial for those long hours hunched at the desk, putting pressure on the lower back. This helps alleviate that area.

Thanks to Coach Pat for helping curate this list! More possible collaborations with her in the future.

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