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Best Spots to Outdoor Train in NYC

Due to the recent pandemic still being a thing. Gyms are becoming a concern to train in. Close quarters, not that much accountability for cleaning. Despite this, NYC has an abundance of outdoor spots to train at.

Regardless of your preferred workout, whether jogging, solo workouts, training with friends or simply going for a walk; NYC has it all.

In no particular order, I’ll be listing the best locations to train outside:

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2

This park is located right by the water, facing lower Manhattan. Here you can play soccer on the turf fields, bike and run on the assorted trails. The park has more than enough space to spread-out and have room to do several different activities at once. While also having an amazing view.

2. Elevated Acre

Just at the base edge of the Financial district in lower Manhattan, this spot overlooks the river to see Brooklyn on the other side. This park is smaller yet has large field that is used by numerous athletes. One day you may find a yoga session, later a kickboxing pad drill, or people sunbathing. A more modest a tucked away spot, but better for avoiding too much contact with others.

3. Governor’s Island

Somewhat remote from New York City itself, you can truly isolate yourself from the busy city and focus on your workout. Completely car-free and 800 yards (0.73 km) from Manhattan by ferry, you can walk, run or bike your way around the 172 acre island in an afternoon..

4. Central Park

Okay, Central Park is HUGE. Walking through it all straight is a workout in itself. There are many walking, running and biking trails that wrap around throughout it. But there are many other activities to do besides those. You can go for a swim at the Central Park pool. Play baseball, tennis, handball, or basketball at one of the dozens of courts and fields that are scattered throughout the park. Or you can find an isolated spot to do solo training, regardless, central park has everything.

All in all, finding an outdoor training spot in NYC that is right for you is about location, and your personal fitness goals. Stay safe when exploring new spots! Enjoy the work.

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