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Ways to Self Motivate for that Self Improvement (Sub Post to “Ways to Stay Active”)

Its plain to see that there are many benefits to staying active. More energy, more confidence, and you look a little better in the process. It benefits your body, mind and soul. But, even knowing this, we still convince ourselves to skip a workout or grab a beer and burger instead.

This is an easy mindset we can all fall into. It can make the gym seem more of a chore than a fun healthy alternative to sitting on the couch.

Here are some tips and guidelines that can help keep you on track, and wanting to stay active.

Start with the “WHY”

You can’t always rely on external factors, such as a vacation, to motivate you. Defining your “why” for exercise will give you a personal or emotional investment in your goals.

For example, a “why” can be to reach a number of weight to lose or gain. Another could be to achieve a dream body, or simply to pick up a new hobby.

Whatever the reason, have it in mind when you are exercising, going to the gym and leaving. This will help commit it to yourself automatically by repeating that thought.

Social Media

An unlikely tool to help with motivation, I know. But, I’m not referring to the highly edited and unrealistic body selfies on there. I’m referring to the “social” aspect of it.

Find groups of people that are like minded, with the goal of fitness. Facebook and Instagram have great accounts that share motivational post and have real people share things they’ve learned.

This can also help you find a gym buddy in your area, if that is something that will help motivate and push you.

Have Back up Plan

By having a back up plan, this means to have an alternative for when life comes up and messes up your plans.

This can be changing your workout routine if you are crunched for time. Shorting your workout is better than no workout at all.

Or there is someone using the equipment or space you wanted to use. Key word there is “wanted,” you don’t need it.

Improvise, adapt, overcome that challenge and do a different workout instead.

End Game

Finding the motivation to exercise starts with carving out time in your day to make fitness a priority. So, the next time you’re thinking about ditching your workout, try one of these tips.

I’m sure your motivation will spring back.

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