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Body Weight Use Compared to Equipment Weight Use

Body weight workouts can easily be used for a full body routine. This is apparent when doing exercises requiring balance, and stabilizing of your muscles.

Although body weight routines cannot help you achieve every fitness goal you may have. There are some limitations to certain areas of the body that require equipment to activate.

These exercises that cannot be replicated using your body weight are lat pull downs, and chest flys. The two of these movements are important as they’re areas that are rarely used due to sedentary lifestyles and hunching over computers and phones, and desk jobs.

If you’ve ever done side lunges, planks, pushups, and mountain climbers then you can easily combine them for a great full-body workout without touching equipment.

These three routines can be challenging as they require a bit of balance and core strength to do. There are modifications to these that can still give you the workout but make it more accessible to do.

You’d want to adjust your rep range to do higher reps and less sets. Aim for 2 sets of 25 reps of a move when using your own body weight. Since you’re using less resistance than if you were adding heavy weights to the workout, doing higher reps ensures that you’re efficiently using your muscles to trigger growth.

To increase the intensity of these routines, just add a cardio portion to increase total calorie burn. This can be done by running in place, jumping jacks or high knees. All these can elevate your heart rate to the optimal caloric burn level.

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