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Do you need weights/equipment to get a workout? No, here’s why.

Did you try to order some fancy gym equipment for yourself but didn’t quite get what you wanted? If you didn’t get a magic talking fitness mirror, a smart station bike that does your taxes, or one of the other trendy fitness products out there, but still want to stay active at home, good news.

As helpful as all of these products can be, you don’t need them to get in shape. There’s one tool that you already have that’s seriously underrated: your own body.

It’s a nice luxury to have all the equipment, various tools to help you do diverse exercises. But, you don’t really need any of it to workout. The equipment is supplemental to the process of fitness. To most, the luxury can quickly turn into an excuse; that without them, they cannot workout. 

Your body is a tool that you will always have, its cost efficient, it doesn’t require any installation. The body is also hefty, this means that you have resistance when doing push-ups, pull-ups, or even holding a plank.

No extra equipment is needed when doing body weight exercises. This enables you to do them anywhere, any time. For those who have busy schedules and crunched for time, calisthenics may be the workout for you.

Lifting weights is still a great way to get in shape, and so are the other equipment out there. However, they are by no means the only ways to workout.

Benefits to Body Weight Workouts:

The body is a versatile tool. As a result, you can work more muscles at the same time than if you were just isolating one body part with weights. This can give a more well balanced workout.

When relying on the body instead of equipment exercises, you increasing the use of your core, abdominal muscles. These muscles add to your stability and balance, while also helping to reduce the chance of injury.

With having more muscles you can activate in one workout, the more likely you are to be able to stabilize your body, which is important for everyday movement and exercise safety.

Body weight workouts sharpen your body and its natural movement; it is a strong base that will propel you once weight and equipment are added.

The limitation of calisthenics is that you are limited to the weight that you weigh. You aren’t going to become a world recorded power lifter doing this, but you can still strengthen and build your muscles.

In my next blog, I will be adding onto this with a list of body exercises to do that build strength to the body.

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